"Trump can probably pardon himself, but has no plan to." Pardon me?

Help us, Robert. You're our only hope. Get this guy out.

New year. New government shutdown. That feels about right. #Resist

i'm really scared.

I say, "Thank You."

With something as complex and fragile as humanity, sometimes net progress requires a few steps backward along the way.

President Trump, you are regression, personified. Enjoy it while you can.

Because, for reminding (most of) us what American values really are, we thank you.

And for sparking (most of) us to wake up and fight for their precious preservation, we thank you.

When you and your crew are in the history books, I hope we can thank ourselves for being the citizenry that emerged more progressive than ever before, despite your best efforts.

I pray they have given him a fake "big red button" to press and are hiding the real one.

Trump IMMEDIATELY Regrets Pledging $1 Million To Harvey Fund

The administration.


God bless America!

You are literally a loser. You have lost many many times. You are hated by millions and are highly ineffective

Take A Side, Mr. President: Nazis Or Not Nazis!

Trump Shows His True Colors


What you are, Mr. Trump, speaks so loudly that I can't hear what you say.

Donald, if you're reading this, it's very important that you finish reading this message and then immediately run out of the room to dive into the nearest alligator's open mouth. Thanks in advance for your help in this matter. Sincerely, America.

I think this says it all.

When your own people are admitting your moral authority is compromised, it's time to pack it up and head back to Mar-a-lago.

In memoriam
Heather Heyer
Charlottesville, VA.

I bid seven NO-TRUMP

We're living in a moral eclipse.

Please teleport this guy far, far off the planet.

"Many sides." That was the moment I gave up any hope that this guy could do this job.

Remember a time when a red hat didn't make you angry? Doesn't a red hat just automatically make you angry now?

This needs to stop right now. Equality for everyone.

Who's got two thumbs and a world of bad ideas that make everyday Americans feel disenfranchised? This guy.

No wall is needed,
Let's please just save the money,
Somebody tell Trump.

(A special Trump haiku)'s the plan.

If we're going to build a wall, let's just build it around Trump Tower.


If we speak together with one unified voice, our wall can be built faster and stronger than his will ever be. So let’s show Trump what we think. A portion of proceeds will go to non-profit civil liberties groups.

Add a Brick View the wall